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Job update 07-03-06 06:49
So, I wasn't able to get the job at Borders, but I'll keep trying to see what I can do. (maybe I'll just have to wait and get a job at a book store when I'm in NYC next Summer).

However, as of right now I have a job at Gamestop, a local movie theatre, and admin. work at a homeless shelter. It seems as though things are starting to mellow out and work is starting to reap with benifits.
Definitely 06-02-06 01:56
I'm attempting to get a job at Borders... Wish me luck!
04-10-06 08:40
02-24-06 09:42
Yay! I love Kurt Vonnegut, I'm glad others have read his work.

Presently reading Marcuse for my Marx and Liberation Theory Class... not excited, but apparently it's a good read.
02-23-06 02:13
So Fatigued 02-23-06 01:26
I'm so fatigued, I find myself sleeping between classes. I haven't read for any of my classes in a week. I lost all of my portfolio stuff. I can't contrive a reason to wake up in the morning when referencing something that makes me happy. I never get enough sleep anymore.

k, done bitching.
Kurt Vonnegut 02-12-06 11:43
Anyone familiar with this author? Just wondering.
Roundabouts 02-09-06 21:20
Before frequenting any establishment containing a roundabout in America, I'm starting to believe one needs a instruction manual.

just a thought : )
Regarding smell 02-07-06 21:38
I'm in the middle of a project where I must talk about my personal "culture." I've come upon a section where I thought it would be interesting to talk about how I smell. Different cultures have different smells right? I looked through my dorm to see what adds to my smell on a normal day. Well...

1) Herbal Essence Orchid Shampoo
2) Axe Essence Body Wash
3) Irish Spring "Rain" Soap
4) "sport" Active Deodorant (I forgot the name all of a sudden)
5) Kenneth Cole Reaction Cologne
6) Kenneth Cole Reaction AferShave
7) Crest Whitening Toothpaste
8) Listerine Spearment Mouthwash
9) Wintergreen gum

No wonder people think I'm gay.
02-07-06 16:48
Politics of Developing Countries:

More like a Coldplay song concerining the necessary steps a society is required to move through before Capitalism or Socialism can take place.

That's all for now. I wish I were more intelligent.
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